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Welcome to the Pastoral Care Institute (hereinafter referred to as PCI). PCI's mission is to help multiple types of families by supporting the ministry of pastoral care, and chaplaincy in our local communities, through its diverse counseling and psycho-educational programs and community advocacy efforts.


PCI is dedicated in assisting churches, counselors, chaplains, pastors and other ministry professionals expand their skills and training necessary to be active in the career of counseling and chaplaincy. Being an active community counselor and chaplain is not an easy task. It is a profession that requires guidance from the Lord through knowledge of Scripture, education in the fields of counseling and theology, on-going training, experience, collegial support and supervision. Our goal is that you may become fully equipped as the Lord's messenger as you help multiple types of families across abroad spectrum.

We have been at the forefront of ministry leadership supporting churches, independent ministers and people who are willing to serve the community and surrender a life of service to the Lord without ministry bureaucracy. We are not undermining any ministry policy, organization or Christian ethic but do become facilitators and bridge gaps in those called to genuinely serve the Lord and to serve others specifically in local communities.


We have created an association of trained professional men and women so that we may learn from one another and encourage the vocation of Counseling and Chaplaincy.

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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION- Commission for Independent Education

The programs offered by our organization are consistent with the standards of the Commission for Independent Education as set forth in Rule 6E­2.004 (4), F.A.C. The institution's consumer practices are consistent with those required by §1005.06, (1)(f)F.S.

Program Registration and Payment Information

In order to expedite your registration for any of our services or programs, we kindly ask that you download and complete the corresponding application. Please email the application to our offices. You can pay the corresponding registration fee using paypal on line. It is secured and verified. If you wish to mail the application, you can do so. Please mail a check, money order, or pay on line. We prefer payments on line or the use of a credit card to avoid returned check collections, and our clients or students incurring in additional collection fees.


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